Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Power of the stitch.

(Image borrowed from Mama Mama)
You know I have never really thought too deeply about how important a garment is or indeed how much a hand stitched item means to people.But without the means to sew or knit where would any of us be?The need for warmth & security is the most basic need & yet we don't think about it until something happens in our lives.It may not just be a blanket for warmth or a hat to keep a new born safe.It may be in the shape of a uniform , a nurse or a police officer or even a countries flag or emblem stitched to represent a group.It is all those types of clothing that help us & keep us safe.

Over on Mama Mama there has been a collective drive to make hats for newborns in Haiti.The suffering has moved so any to action & they have collected together over 5523 hats & 169 baby blankets to send out to Haiti via an organisation called Konbit Sante.This was all done in about 2 weeks.Amazing !!!

I believe the main collection has finished but if you keep an eye on the blog I am sure there will be other charity make collections.

I saw the article yesterday before I went off to work & thought then how powerful we can be when we create.I then thought it again after a man reached out to me for help when he saw me in the street on patrol & because of what I was wearing he knew I may be able to help.Yesterday that stitched piece of clothing stopped a man from ending his life......

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