Sunday, 24 January 2010

WIP & charity shop finds.

Yesterday I wrote about my WIP & the bits I found in the charity shop.
Here they are.

Its been a long day & although the weather has been fabulous ,it turned so cold & I was glad to get home from work.Yes I have to work on a Sunday.....
I am looking forward to an evening snuggled up on the sofa with 2 Borders at my side & a Scottie in her bed at my feet ,with Wild at Heart on TV & my knitting in my hands.Bliss!!!!!!!!


peri said...

Gorgeous baby blanket.

I love old haberdashery, someone gave me a couple of tins of braids and lace a while back, I spent ages pouring over it, quite made my day.

Alternative Voice said...

Also knitting the Debbie bliss blanket but I've left my pattern book at home - do youbknow anywhere I can find them online? I need to start the edging this week as my friends baby is due Saturday!!!!