Friday, 22 January 2010

Comforting thoughts.

Over on Dog-Daisy Chains she is having a wonderful giveaway of Cornish ware mugs.
This made me think of all things comforting as they reminded me of my lovely Nana.
She used to sit with me in an old wicker chair in the kitchen & have a cuddle.This chair was next to a dresser which is still at my mums (sadly in the shed).The dresser housed all manner of items ,mainly food .Sometimes there would be a surprise inside for me!!!Often it would be a little wooden Polish Doll, on their backs some rolled up handkerchiefs.How I would love to find some of these dolls & start a small collection of them.I can hear my Hubby groaning but I need a bit of lifting up.
Had a horrible day & the Figaro has been in the poorly hospital & I ended up having to get her emergency surgery with a new exhaust.She is much better now but my purse is very sore.I was also soaked by no less than 4 stupid drivers who drove right through a huge puddle as I stood at the road crossing .There were a few other things but I am going to go back to my comforting thoughts for now.
I also went into my favourite charity shop & purchased a few haberdashery items.4 zippers, a large roll of woven cotton tape ,3 vintage wooden cotton reels with thread , all for £2.That made me happy......
Will post some pics very soon but for now enjoy the little wooden friends

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peri said...


Thanks for the comment on my blog. Scottie and Borders are a strange mix, so it's weird to find someone so close by who has the same combination. Fergus is a Scottie cross though - not a proper Scottie- we call him a wee scots pretender.

I've enjoyed finding your blog, you make some really lovely stuff. I've added it to my blogroll so I remember to come back and check it out again.

Best wishes,


p.s - Lottie is totally mad.