Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Debbie Bliss visits Worthing

Debbie Bliss & her lovely PA,Sharlyne, visited The Wool Bar in Worthing yesterday.I popped down to the shop to capture the moment!

The shop was packed to the gunnel's with ladies for this event & I for one had a great time.It certainly brightened my day .What a nice lady she is with a real sense of vision about what women want from their clothes & craft.When Caroline had a moment I managed to get her to stand still for a minute for pictures then it was back to the important stuff of a chat over a very British cuppa & biccie! You just cant beat it.

I had to dash off to an appointment ,but later joined everyone for a talk Debbie was giving at the Ardington Hotel .Debbie gave a chat about how she works as a designer from the idea through to the end product of us as knitters.She gave some great advice about shaping a garment & tension then answered questions about anything.

I enjoyed the evening so much & took along my Bliss bag which I had lined & made a panel for her to sign.Debbie was taken with the lining fabric .If you want to know where I got it from as well ,here is the link. I had made two of these bags ,one to be for a present for someone but I hadn't managed to get the other one lined completely before the event so just took the panel for Debbie to sign.

The evening was broken up with coffee & a chance to try on her sample pieces.All Debbie's samples are made in a 34" size.I was squeezed into the pleated jacket from her new book "A Tweed Story".I was horrified she was going to put this on me ,but there was a reason.Debbie wanted to demonstrate that we often over estimate the size we need to wear & that in fact she would put me in a 36".I am in fact a generous 38".Often we spend hours making a knitted garment & are unhappy with the end results & can look frumpy when they are too big for us.The jacket was lovely & the tweed yarn very soft.

We also saw the lovely cardie which is featured on the new magazine which will be hitting the shops in the next week or so.What an object of desire this was in all its Fairisle loveliness.We were told the knitter who made this did it in 3 weeks.I think I need to get a bit more weight off before I contemplate a cardie like that but I so am in love with the colours.It kind of reminded me of a beret I was made to wear as a child which my father brought back from a trip to Edinburgh.

If you ever get a chance to go to a meet & greet & listen to Debbie give a talk,you will not be disappointed.I came away feeling so inspired about knitwear & how it fits in to my creative life.
I was reminded that we are not just knitters ,but creative women (& men) & that knitting is our "art" which should be a constant delight to the senses.

Thank you Debbie for coming to Worthing.

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