Saturday, 25 September 2010

Harvest time

I know its been a whole week since my last update.It may even be a little longer.

Last weekend we went away with some friends to Weymouth.I started getting n the mood a few days before by making some Dorset Apple Cake with apples from my mums garden that Mr T had picked & carted home for me.I suppose it should be called Sussex Apple cake as it was made in Sussex but here is the recipe.What a lovely moist cake it is.
I do love to bake as most of you who know me well will know.Are you one of my friends who has sampled my lemon drizzle cake?If I copied The Great British Bake Off .I think that would be my signature dish!I have so enjoyed that programme.The competitors have been absolutely brilliant.Congratulations to the last 3.They were all great as of course was Ed ,the winner.Rachel has her own blog she writes called The Pink Whisk.Lots of great hints &tips about baking.There are also lots of links to other great blogs you may be interested in.
Its been a poor week for blogging for a few reasons.Firstly I went back to work after having been off sick for 2 months.It was quite weird really.I am stuck in the office doing paperwork.I hate that side of the job & having been forced on me (no one wants to be sick) makes it even harder to bare.I dont know if & when I will be doing my proper job which kind of gets me down.I am glad to be back though as its very lonely at home with my boys out at work mostly .If it had not been for blogging & my closest friends & knitting pals & of course the dogs ,I may just have gone crazy!!!
I have also not been able to get on the computer as it seems to have had a virus.It takes time to run the antivirus programme & just when you think its gone ,up it pops again. Agghhhhh!!!!
I have finished two baby tops & have been getting on with my DB Riding Coat.I am now on the front & keeping an eye out for buttons.You should all know my passion for them by now.I so love them.I asked Debbie Bliss about buttons .She let me into a secret that she uses her local knitting shop to get her buttons & quite right too.Our local shop is The Fabric Shop in Worthing & does have a lovely selection.I often find nice ones in the local Salvo Charity shop.In fact they have some real gems in there from time to time.A friend of mine found some Suri Alpaca in the shop a few weeks back & is making some lovely things with it.
I must try to get some piccies taken today of the things I have been doing to show you.I have my mother coming to stay for the weekend though & I am sure to be kept busy!

Enjoy the pictures of some of our harvest & the above one of Dorset Apple Cake & one of the pies I also made.I am sure to be making more appley things.I have loads of apples.

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