Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Preemie Knits

A friend of mine from K&N told us about the desperate need for bonnets & blankets in the Special Care Baby Unit at Brighton.They have been so busy of late & they get through a lot of little hats & blankets to keep the babies warm.These items usually go with the baby when it leaves the unit as it is a familiar item for the little one & also a memento of how tiny they actually were.I know this has been echoed at our more local unit in Worthing as well as I have a friend who is the Chaplain at the Hospital & sadly he often works on the unit.

There are some great patterns available for free on the net .Our local units requested some ventilator bonnets .These are the ones with a buttoned flap on top.This allows the babies heads to be scanned without the need to remove the bonnet.The holes help with positioning the little tubes that are often attached to the babies to support them.

I have knitted 2 blankets & 4 little hats this week in time to hand them to my friend at K&N to take up to the unit.They are only knitted out of cheap acrylic ,but this is ideal as its light & soft on the skin & it can be tossed in a washing machine & tumble dried. The blankets should be 35cm x45cm in size.I added the little heart as they looked so plain .The hats come in a selection of sizes from tiny teacup size to larger baby.Often a full term baby needs support in a special care unit.

If you have any spare time & some yarn that would be suitable please consider these units.Often these babies entry into the world is not planned for & there are no clothes to fit these babies.Your local unit will be just as needy as ours.It will be so appreciated.

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