Sunday, 26 September 2010

Weekend in Weymouth

Last week as I mentioned in my previous post we went away with friends to Weymouth.We went with our lovely friends Sandra & Tom.We stayed at Preston just on the outskirts of Weymouth .The bus stopped just outside the Haven site & was just a short trip into town.

I love Weymouth & I have to say that each time we visit ,we see something different.This time we saw two yachts who race in the Tall Ships race.That was quite exciting to see them moored up on the Quayside.

On the seafront we came across a sand sculptor who had carved The Mad Hatters tea party.Absolutely amazing!!!!

We also found this little toys shop.I fell in love with the Golliwog's in the window.I had one as a child so they will always be special to me.

We had a visit to our usual tea shop which was a welcome break for a cuppa & biscuits.I cant wait to go back again.
I don't think we will be staying in a Haven caravan for a while as we had a little problem of the hopping type.Fleas to be precise!!The staff were good & moved us straight away but we could have done without having to pack up & then move & unpack again especially with a bad back.I got bitten by the little blighters as well & had to wash & spray everything when we got home.What a lot of work that was!!

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