Monday, 6 September 2010

Priscilla the Poodle & the pom pom maker.

I am sorry about yesterdays blog.That Maisie Magweed is more clever than I realised.I don't know how she managed to psych my computer password from me ,not to mention work the self timer on my camera!!

Anyhow, as you know ,Priscilla dropped by .Well OK ,I made her!!!
She is from a pattern here & is a replica of her vintage counter part. Quick & easy to make,she consists of a crocheted tube which slides over the air freshener & then another tube/oblong ball made into the head.The pom poms were a pain to make as I didn't have a pom pom maker & didn't want to use the two ring method.Its so fiddly.What I needed was a Clover pompom maker.This clever device comes in two halves which clip together.I couldn't get one at my local store so settled for these instead .They are by Classic Knit.

I have to say that for the price they are extremely good.The 3 sizes come in a pack.They seem quite durable i that unless I mislay them(lose) they will last me for years.There are no moving parts really to break.The plastic is durable & will withstand accidental snipping with scissors.

I found the instructions on the back of the packet are way too small.My eyesight is not bad ,but I just couldn't read this & the pictures with diagrams are not very clear.Once I got some magnifying glasses on ,all was much better!!

If you get these type ,the yarn wraps around the bottom in an s-shape.Why didn't they just say that instead of putting little teeny weenie arrows on.If you are reading this Classic Knit company ,please change the instructions.

Apart from this slight hiccup which resulted in much mess of the cut snippyness of yarn all over my lap & carpet.I can laugh now!!!!!!

The long end of yarn that is caught in the notch is snipped & the two lengths are tied very tightly across the wrapped yarn.
You then turn the template over & snip!!

I like these pompom makers even though the results are a bit loose for me.I think that's my technique though.
I still want a Clover one but I can wait till Christmas(did you read that Mr T?!).


Ella said...
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Ella said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am sorry, but I am so glad that some one else had the same problem. I too ended up with all this bits of loose yarn and no pom pom! Thank goodness for this wonderful technology - the internet. Well, lets go try again (thanks to your wonderfull step by step instructions)
Happy pom pom making.

Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa