Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sun shiny day......

I ventured out from home yesterday into town.That may not seem like much ,but for me it was quite an event as I have been unable to walk very far or drive at all due to a back injury.I got a lift halfway & then slowly strolled the rest of the way.It was so nice in the warm sunshine.
I only went as far as my favourite yarn store......and then sat & had a catch up with my lovely friends over a cup or two of coffee & did a bit of knitting. Customers popped in to make purchases & some of them showed me what they were making.Truly a place to be inspired.

Many came in to say how much they liked the strawberry basket & some wanted one too!!! I have to say I have been overwhelmed at the comments this little group activity has generated.I have had so many emails from people ,sharing their thoughts & thanking me for giving them a little something.I have to actually say that it is I who should be thanking you all for taking the time to contact me .To be part of the blog world has certainly helped me whilst I have been trying to recover with my back.Some days have been better than others & on those which have not been quite so good ,it is my family (especially my LSH, that's long suffering husband!)friends ,crafting buddies & the blogworld which have seen me through and taken my mind off the pain.Thankyou guys xxxx

My day was made yesterday when on the bus home ,(which was turning out to be a very long 5 minute journey) the man in the seat behind me tapped me on the shoulder & said ,"My dear ,what are you stitching?" pointing to my half finished sock I was working on.I told him it was a sock .He then said "Really?" .I whipped out the already finished partner from my bag & in true Blue Peter style said "Yes , here is one I made earlier". The gentleman exclaimed "Oh, how very British!!" I chuckled all the way from the bus stop to my house.

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"Never Knew" said...

Lovely post. I like blogland, too, especially crochet-blogland. :-) Really enjoyed your sock story "Oh, how very British!" LOL And I LOVE your "Keep Calm and Carry Yarn" pic - where did you find that?
Glad your back is giving you some good days.
Caz from Never Knew