Sunday, 5 September 2010

Magweeds Sunday......

I had just had a sausage Mum & Dad brought back from Weatherspoons Sunday breakfast & was day dreaming about playing with Monkey & Darrell ,two friends my Mum has made. I like to do this lying on my back having my tummy stroked.

I had been laying there for about half an hour when there was a knock on the door.It was quite a co-incidence as we had been chatting about French stuff like Cancan yarn, but in walked Priscilla the French Poodle.

We greeted each other in our usual doggy way of kissing noses & sniffing bottoms.

For a while I was quite besotted!

It was quite a shock when Priscilla was upended & let rip!!!Thank goodness her fart smelt of flowers.Mum has never said that about mine....!!!!!!

It certainly brought me to my senses.I know Priscilla is going to live with Auntie Robin & her poodles 2 doors along but I cannot associate with a dog who smells so poofy!!

I feel so ashamed......

Although Monkey & Darrell live in Wolverhampton & I wont see them much ,if at all ,I would still rather be friends with them .I can catch up with their antics on the net with Mum when I sit on her lap.Their blog is great .They are learning to knit at the moment.They liked the strawberry basket & are making one so they can get their 5 a day!

Mum is a great fan of Its all a Fiddle Fart!A great blog which has inspired her no end.Its all about crafting with items bought from either places like Poundland or car boots.Its great .

Mum today bought herself a hole punch from Lidls along with some more sock yarn.I think she is going to make me a new collar & coat for the winter.I am not sure it will be as warm as the Debbie Bliss one she is knitting but I will look posh on the prom.I wont need silly Pom Poms to make me stand out in the crowd!!!

We had better not let on to Nanny we have been having all this chat about farts.....she wouldn't be amused.....he he he!

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Peri said...

Love your post. Great pictures.

My sister had a poodle like that with a bottle of bath crystals in it when I was about 4 - I was so jealous.